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    The window to apply for Leadership Fayette 2020 has closed, but keep a lookout for the incoming class in the community! 


    Fayette County Civic Health Project

    Since 2014, Leadership Fayette’s class project has focused on Fayette County’s civic health.  The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC), an association focused on civic health, defines civic health as “The way that communities are organized to define and address public problems.” They go on to state that, “Communities with strong indicators of civic health have higher employment rates, stronger schools, better physical health, and more responsive governments.” Civic health indexes look at four areas: social connectedness, community involvement, political action and confidence in institutions.

    In partnership with NCoC and the Georgia Family Connection Partnership, the 2018 Leadership Fayette class conducted a statistically valid study to assess Fayette County’s civic health. Georgia Family Connection Partnership recently launched an initiative to do civic health surveys around the state and we implemented this survey through them. Fayette County, along with Camden, Stephens and Cook counties have completed the civic health survey

    2018 Civic Health Survey Results


    About the Program

    Started by the Fayette Chamber of Commerce in 1980, Leadership Fayette strives to empower and encourage a diverse group of existing and emerging leaders that are prepared and committed to serving Fayette County. The program provides opportunities for individuals to enhance their civic knowledge of Fayette County, hone their leadership skills and network with leaders across the community.  Leadership Fayette provides a hands-on educational experience with emphasis on economic development and community awareness, focusing on the interdependencies between sectors of the local economy, as well as the interrelationships of a variety of local issues. Participants will receive a better understanding of how our community works, will build relationships with the region’s leaders and will be inspired to apply their talents to serve the community.

    What can Leadership Fayette do for you?

    Leadership Fayette prepares the leaders of tomorrow.  In this eight-month program, participants will gain:

    • An in-depth view of critical issues facing our community
    • Personal leadership skills awareness and development
    • Access to opportunities for community involvement
    • Opportunities to discuss key issues with community leaders    
    • New and strengthened relationships with peers


    What is the time commitment

    The eight-month program includes a mandatory two-day orientation retreat (two half-day sessions) and seven (7) full-day sessions. In addition, each candidate is required to participate in the class project as well as various community events and volunteer opportunities. The upcoming cohort will run from August 2019 - April 2020. Sessions will be held on the third Thursday of the month from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (except for orientation retreat in August and December team-building activity).

    What is the class format?

    Local, regional and state leaders will share their knowledge and perspectives through presentations, interactive sessions, role plays, panel discussions and hands-on activities.  Class formats will demonstrate real situations, challenges and opportunities in Fayette County, and participants will gain first-hand experience through behind-the-scenes tours of various public and private facilities.

    Tentative monthly session topics and dates

    • Get to Know You Reception                                                                                      August 15
    • Orientation Retreat                                                                                                    August 22-23
    • Economic Development                                                                                            September 19
    • Education                                                                                                                     October 19
    • Cultural Competencies and the Creative Class                                                      November 21
    • Team Building Activity                                                                                               December (TBD)
    • Health and Community Wellness                                                                            January 16
    • Governance and Civil Discourse (Fayette Day at the Capitol)                             February 20
    • Law Enforcement and Justice System                                                                     March 19
    • Project Presentations and Graduation                                                                   April 16

    Attendance requirements

    Attendance requirements reflect the commitment necessary to receive a meaningful experience from investment in the Leadership Fayette program. Participants and their employers must be willing to commit the necessary time to fully participate in the program.

    Participants are required to attend the mandatory orientation retreat and all monthly sessions in their entirety. Participants must also commit time necessary to work with classmates on class project.  While we understand that sometimes an absence is unavoidable, a participant may not miss more than one (1) class session and must complete additional enrichment activities to make up any missed time.

    Orientation retreat

    Leadership Fayette is built on strong fundamental leadership principles. The program commences in August with a mandatory overnight retreat.  Class members will participate in a number of team-building, leadership-style exploration exercises and networking activities designed to demonstrate the dynamics of effective leadership. Fundamental background information about the community as well as an overview of the class projects will also be discussed during the retreat.

    Class project

    The class project serves as a central component of the Leadership Fayette experience. The project provides participants with an opportunity to turn concepts into workable projects and problem-solving by working in small teams to accomplish a larger mission. The project directly correlates with themes explored during class sessions and is a capstone to the Leadership Fayette class experience.  The project will involve exploration of the civic health of Fayette County including social connectedness, community involvement, political action and participation, and confidence in institutions.  The project will correlate with similar state and national assessments from which the project is conceived.

    Enrichment activities

    Beyond the monthly class sessions, periodic optional opportunities will be provided for additional enrichment of leadership and community knowledge.   Examples include a day of optional tours of local industry and attendance at local government meetings.

    What is the selection process?

    The Leadership Fayette program is open to anyone in Fayette County.  No more than two representatives from any one organization can be selected to participate in a class.

    The application process is governed by a Leadership Fayette advisory committee.  A panel of the advisory committee reviews all applications received and determines finalist applicants to be invited to final interviews.  Leadership Fayette considers the following criteria during the process:

    • Demonstrated capacity for leadership
    • Community interest and involvement
    • Desire to assume expanded leadership responsibility
    • Willingness to giveback to the community
    • Class representation of diverse backgrounds and experiences
    • Commitment to program attendance


    Tentative application process timeline

    May 10 - May 30:                Application process open.  Application link available HERE starting May 10th.
    May 30:                                Application submission deadline  (5:00 p.m.)
    June 3:                                  Selected finalists contacted to schedule interviews
    June 10-14:                          Candidate interviews (interview times TBD)
    June 17:                                Candidate selection notification
    July 8:                                    Tuition payment due
    July 10:                                  Wait list notification
    August 15:                            Get to Know You Reception
    August 22-23:                      Mandatory orientation retreat


    Tuition for Leadership Fayette is $800 and includes all expenses for the eight (8) monthly sessions, orientation retreat, meals, limited transportation, and graduation. Costs of any optional enrichment opportunities, if any, are not included. Tuition must be paid in full by June 30, 2019. Tuition is non-refundable.  

    How to submit an application

    Completed applications may be submitted in one of the following ways:

    • Email a scanned copy to Cereto@FayetteChamber.org, subject line: LF Application Submission
    • Drop off or mail to Fayette Chamber, 600 W. Lanier Avenue, Suite 205, Fayetteville, GA  30214

    Further information

    Questions or requests for further information about Leadership Fayette should be directed to Cereto Bean via email: Cereto@FayetteChamber.org  or phone: 770-461-9983.


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