• Return On Investment

  • How much are your Chamber dues really worth?

    Nearly 100 networking events a year
    Comparable services: structured business networking groups, civic organizations,
    and trade associations   

    At a reduced rate averaging $10 per class, nearly 50 business education events
    Comparable services: one continuing education classes, seminars, workshops                                            $60

    Three hours of professional consulting
    Comparable services: average cost of consultants in a variety of fields including
    marketing, strategic planning, accounting, law and other business services

    24/7 access to on-demand business education webinars
    Comparable services: subscription to business resource libraries                                                                  $200

    Online job postings on Chamber’s website receiving 100,000 pageviews annually
    Comparable services: online job posting, classified ad listing                                                                          $50

    Print directory listing in the Fayette Community Source magazine and online directory
    listing boosted with Chamber’s search engine optimization
    Comparable services: yellow pages, other directories                                                                                      $29
    Comparable services: SEO Services                                                                                                                      $200

    Quiet, private meeting space in the Chamber Cafe; availability first-come, first served
    Comparable services:  cost of two medium lattes at local coffee shop                                                          $8

    Member discount of $100 off The Chamber Meeting place room rental weekday
    Comparable product: non-member room rental rates, other facilities                                                          $200

    Leadership development opportunities that are local and relevant, fee of $795
    Comparable programs to Leadership Fayette                                                                                                     $1,500

    Complimentary membership for members with less than 10 employees in both
    Georgia Chamber and U.S. Chamber
    Comparable services: membership fees                                                                                                               $600

    Public policy monitoring and advocacy on business issues and opportunities to connect
    with local, state and federal elected officials
    Comparable services:  basic annual contract for governmental affairs consulting                                       $60,000

    Small Business Membership annual investment - $350                   Comparable services annual fees - $63,647

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