• Communications Guidelines

    The Fayette Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business. First and foremost, it is the source for information about Fayette County’s overall business community and climate. The Fayette Chamber is also a means of communications for its members to share information. Policies are outlined below to ensure the Chamber’s message is aligned with its mission and vision and that members are treated fairly.

    Public Face of the Chamber

    The Chamber president and the current chair shall serve as the spokespersons for the Chamber when working with the media on official statements, positions, and representation at events.  Members designated by the president and chair may serve as a spokesperson as needed.

    Business Promotion

    Every member in good standing has a listing on the Chamber website in at least one business category. Members are responsible for providing business profile details.

    Businesses that want greater exposure, to include a logo and preferred listing order, may invest in a membership level that includes an “enhanced web presence.”

    Members may also provide discounts listed through the Hot Deals programs or advertise job postings at no charge.

    Member News Blog

    The Chamber website includes a news blog that promotes good things going on with our member businesses and organizations. It provides an opportunity to share personal achievements of or members and milestones their businesses have made. Member submissions must meet the following guidelines to be posted to the Chamber’s news blog. Other submissions may be considered at the discretion of Chamber staff.

    • Awards received by any member whether business or non-profit
    • Grand openings
    • Milestone events i.e. 10-year anniversary
    • Newsworthy business activities in the community
    • Introduction of a new service or product that represents a strategy change.  For example, a maternity clothing store that has added a children’s clothing line would be newsworthy.  A clothing store announcing a sale on its spring arrivals is not considered newsworthy.  However, the clothing store may purchase an ad promoting the sale.

    Social Media

    The Chamber may promote a member business or event through social media, staff time permitting.  The Chamber has a goal to encourage members to do business with other members.  To be fair to dues-paying members, the Chamber will not promote events that are in partnership with a non-member business or nonprofit unless a Chamber member has paid for advertising.

    For the most effective social media promotion, the Chamber highly recommends providing a link to relevant information.  PDF attachments cannot be used.

    Logo Usage

    The use of the Chamber logo is restricted to the Chamber.  Members in good standing may use the “Proud Member of the Fayette Chamber” logo on their business website and collateral.  If the business’s membership lapses, they can no longer use the logo.


    The Chamber does not provide business referral letters unless the company is providing a specific service to the Fayette Chamber under a contractual agreement with a start and end time to the project.

    On occasion, Chamber employees are asked to provide product or service reviews on social media or in person for businesses.  Employees may provide reviews of goods and services they have used upon request as individuals, not as staff of the Fayette Chamber.

    Milestone Events

    Members celebrating milestone events can take advantage of the ribbon cutting services provided.  Events that are consider milestone events include:

    • Business openings
    • Existing businesses that have recently moved
    • Existing businesses with significant renovations or additions
    • Milestone year celebrations, i.e. 10 or 25 years in business

    Contractual Advertising and Promotional Agreements

    Ads on the website and in Chamber e-news are available for businesses seeking additional exposure for their goods and services.  Examples include sales, open houses not affiliated with milestone events, free seminars or charitable events the business is sponsoring and ongoing marketing campaigns.

    Find It In Fayette Spotlight

    The Find It In Fayette Spotlight is one-time, member-focused email sent on Fridays throughout the year.  Only one (1) spotlight email goes out per week, so members are not competing with each other or with other chamber communications for visibility. Spotlight emails are included benefits for members at the Connect & Grow membership level and above; they may also be purchased for $100. Members are eligible for one (1) spotlight email every twelve (12) months.

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