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Legislative Agenda

The Fayette Chamber of Commerce advocates for businesses primarily at the local level and, as needed, at the state and federal level.   The Chamber uses four pillars in considering positions on issues.

Pillar 1:
Maintain and grow opportunities for existing and future Fayette County businesses
  • Maintain Fayette County’s reputation as a safe place to live and work.

Related issues from partner organizations

Regional Business Coalition (RBC)

  • Support tax policies and other economic development tools that encourage investment in metro Atlanta and Georgia businesses, enhancing Georgia’s global competitiveness and creating more jobs for metro Atlanta and Georgia
  • RBC opposes legislative measures that would negatively impact our business climate, are discriminatory in nature or would harm our ability to create, attract, retain and expand jobs in Georgia.

Georgia Chamber

  • Preserve employers’ ability to maintain a safe business environment for employees and consumers
Pillar 2:
Pillar 3:
Pillar 4:
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